Our History

Coffee by Rachael’s history has yet to be written. This journey has just begun and starting up this business has already brought accrossed my path some very wonderful people without whom I would be lost. I’m on the path to writing my history and would love for you to be a part of it.

Meet Rachael

I am an ordinary person whom God has blessed with an opportunity. It would make me happy to provide you with a coffee you love to drink. I am originally from California but now reside in the Oregon. I love dogs, horses, nature, and Spanish guitar by Imad Fares. I approach my business with gratitude, appreciation, and an eternal perspective with God at the center. I hope that I may be a blessing to you.

Imad Fares

I have a dear friend whose name is Imad Fares. He and his music are a blessing to me. As you can see from my logo and slogan, my love of Imad’s music and admiration of him as a cherished friend and dedicated musician, led to the integration of his music with my coffee. My personal project to share him with the world is not only a privilege but is deeply rooted in celebrating a dear and exceptional person who seeks opportunity to share his passion with all of us. The music industry far too often overlooks true talent if one lacks connections. Fans who support the talent they love can make all the difference. I invite you to join me in giving for the shear joy experienced when you help to change a life and make it possible for someone to realize a lifelong hope. Opportunity is the goal; Imad will take it from there and make the most of it.