My Story

I am a musician and I possess in my soul a passionate love of music. Driven by my passion and the talent with which I have been blessed, I have pursued my musical destiny which captivated me as a young child in Algeria. I began to explore the world of music and the sounds that I could create with my hands and various instruments, ultimately receiving my bachelor’s degree in Musicology. My journey took me to Paris, France, where I expanded my studies to include composition and arrangement at the renowned American School of Modern Music, refining my skills and further developing my unique stylized sound; the sound of the Mediterranean region where I grew up. When my path led me to the magical city of Craców, Poland, I was inspired to begin performing in the streets, surrounded by beautiful architecture, some locations possessing lovely acoustics. It is here that I have been blessed to share my compositions and improvisations, interacting with so many of you from all over the world, and experience your admiration for my music. For all of you, and those experiences which enriched my life, I am profoundly grateful.

Music is my life,

and when I make music, I express the deepest emotions of my heart. With my beloved guitar I share my heart, and a Spirit of Goodwill, with the world. My hope is that it brings you joy.

I have produced four albums, and looking to the future, I plan to continue composing and producing while exploring formal concert venues, offering an alternative intimate and focused setting, in which my audience may enter into the musical universe of Imad Fares and enjoy my Spanish guitar.

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