Our Mission

To introduce coffee consumers to the world of Specialty Coffee by providing Single Origin, full flavored, and freshly roasted selections that are sure to offer some new and exciting taste experiences.

We believe in

Our new favorite

Great coffee, we have tried a few different varieties and each one becomes our new favorite. You can’t go wrong.
- Dawn Jennings

A moment of pleasure

Surprisingly fabulous tasting coffee that gives me pause, a moment of pleasure to savor and marvel at.
- E.B.

In recognition and admiration

A project to help provide opportunity for a gifted musician

For years Imad Fares has generously shared his music and his gift with the public. This project seeks to recognize and reward a deserving individual by way of introducing Imad to a wider audience of music lovers who understand that ultimately it is the fans who propel an artist to greater and greater success. The goal is to seek out, create and deliver opportunity into Imad’s hands and watch him make the most of it. His goal has always been to pursue his musical destiny. Today that means expanding his performances into the formal concert venue. If you want to learn more about Imad please visit the Coffee Music tab which includes Imad’s Bio and links to his website and social media. For information on how you can be a part of this project please check out my blog Coffee On the Porch.

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